Mockup of a booklet with the updated Peninsula Environmental identity

Mockup to contextualize the new brand identity

Peninsula Environmental Ltd. is a UK-based company that helps organizations improve their environmental performance. I redesigned their brand identity and, with the help of a team of researchers and designers, am working to enhance their website usability. The owner of Peninsula Environmental aims to get more users to book a discovery call with his company through his updated website.

Branding/UI board


UX designer in a team of 6 (4 designers, 1 researcher, 1 PM)

Target audience
Small and medium businesses looking to improve their sustainability

Project duration
August 2022-October 2022

Design tool
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop


Screenshot of a working document with Usability Testing Insights, listing some pain points and potential improvements on the original website.

Usability testing insights based on the original website

Research for this project was conducted by Avitha D'Souza. I assisted with the usability study and completed a heuristic analysis of the original website.

The key pain points of Peninsula's website were:


Former Peninsula Environmental Logo. The font is sans-serif and the text in blue.The P takes the shape of a recurved arrow and the dot on the i is replaced by a starfish.


updated logo of Peninsula Environmental. Stylized starfish with blue outlines, Peninsula in sans-serif orange font, and underneath Environmental in thin blue font


The four designers suggested an updated branding to the owner of Peninsula Environmental, who chose to move forward with my design. The requirement for this new branding were:

With these elements in mind, I explored ways to reference a starfish without being too literal to keep in line with the brand's mission and professional tone. I kept a sans-serif font and chose deep colors that would withstand time and passing trends.


mockup of the updated homepage of the website

A key direction for the redesign of Peninsula Environmental's website was to follow Jakob's Law, meaning that the website should follow the common structure of existing websites for ease for use. Considering that Peninsula already stands out with its updated branding, our focus became on making the website intuitive and simplifying its content to be more accessible to first-time users, the main target of the company. 

For that reason, we divided the website in four simple pages:


Mockup of the updated services page

Considering that the main goal of the website is to invite users to request a call with Peninsula, we wanted to emphasize CTA buttons throughout the home page, including in the header menu by having the "Book a Call" option stand out. 

We chose to combine mockups, photographs, and illustrations with the brand palette throughout the website to make it both professional and educational. Finally, I helped the owner of Peninsula rewrite the description of his services to make them as clear and short as possible, emphasizing what clients have to gain by becoming more sustainable. 

The website is currently being developed.