Suggested website for Rogue Ocean. The logo is at the top center, then a hero section shows a close up of a male torse with a gold chain and the sea

Rogue Ocean is a unisex jewelry brand providing our customers with high quality sterling silver, 18k gold plated and limited 9k & 18k jewelry. They use recycled gold and silver and all of their packaging is sustainably made and recyclable. This paid brief was shared by brand.brief.

Brand designer

Target audience
Unisex, adventurous, confident, environmentally aware 20-40 years


logo, fonts, sub logos, color palette, jewelry box, mailer box, business cards

Design tools
Illustrator & Photoshop


The indications were:

  • No florals, geometric shapes, or script/handwritten fonts

  • Do not use letters only to make the logo, no stars, no gold, no illustrations inside letters

  • The name of the brand should influence the design


color palette (sand beige, deep forest green, light sage green, and beige. Three fonts and the website mockup.

To keep with the brief specifications of the brief as well as the overall mission and identity of the brand, I chose a simple yet effective design. I wanted to include an arrow for the logomark as it symbolizes travel, the movement of the waves, and recycling.

I also came up with a simple tag phrase that would emphasize that idea of movement and nature: borne by the sea. The fonts were meant to contrast, with a bold and all caps lettering for the brand name, and a thin lower case tagline. The color palette was kept quite neutral, while evoking the stormy ocean and the light sand.

mockup of a grey-green box with the Rogue Ocean logo on it, the brand pattern inside

Mockup by Freepik